Saturday (am) Competition prep class

19 Nov

Many of you have heard the rumours, I’ll put all your minds at rest…everyone who attends Saturday morning Competition Prep class (Saturday morning Firebreathers), has “issues”! 😉

The Agenda:

WOD warm up:
ME Back Squat (5-3-3-2-1@90%)

1) London Throwdown Qualifier WOD 1:
3 minutes Back Squat for power output (reps x weight)

2) Tekkers:
Fireman’s carry

3) BFT run (Basic Fitness Test)
1.5 mile run as a group to be completed in 15 mins
*rest 1 min
1.5 mile run for time
*immediately into
For time
30 Snatch @ 60/40kg


The warm up for the back squat WOD worked well, it not only got all the relevant muscle fibres prepped but it also made the weight that we decided to go with for the WOD feel SUPER light!
Everyone was judged and videoed by their partner and I made absolutely clear that if their hips did not go below parallel, they would be “no repped”!
Great atmosphere!

We took 10 mins to go over the “Fireman’s Carry” which will be seen during the upcoming “bottom field WOD” before gathering outside, locking the door behind is as we set off for the BFT.

This is the Basic Fitness Test, performed by everyone in the UK Military atleast once a year to ensure basic fitness levels are upheld. The full test contains push ups, sit ups and pull ups before the run. The first 1.5 mile is performed as a group in a set time of 15 minutes, then you regroup turn around and after a 1 minute you set off for a second 1.5 mile to be completed as fast as possible but under 10:30 mins.
One of my biggest challenges after leaving the corps and starting CrossFit was the weightlifting element. There was no emphasis on weightlifting during my time in recruit training or whilst in a Unit.

Therefore I programmed us to go straight into “Isabel” after finishing the run…interesting to say the least!
We started the BFT at 8:46 and “TIME” was called at 09:25, now that’s a workout!

Tommy C, Alex, Myself, Jim and Samir (scaled 40kg snatch) just managed to finish in the time!

Moral of the story, when turning up to competition, be ready for anything!


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