Saturday Competition Prep Class

25 Nov

Two down, one to go!

On a foggy Saturday morning in East London, I arrived at the gym at 9am only to find the doors open and everyone was there chatting amongst themselves and getting stretched off, for some reason this gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Throwdown WOD 2
7 min AMRAP:
7 Ground to Overhead (70/45kg)
49 Double Unders

I scheduled a Dynamic effort for atleast 5 mins prior to the WOD:

Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes perform:
10 double unders
2 Ground to Overhead (@ 10% more than Rx’d for the workout)

After doing a run through of this workout on Wednesday, the biggest thing i took away from it was the fact that 7 minutes flew by! I don’t think I warmed up until 3 minutes in! Therefore doing a few warm up rounds of double unders followed by heavier Ground to Overhead prepared us for what was to come, both mentally and physically without killing us!

We run the workout in 2 heats, each athlete had their own judge. Heat 1 made the standard, Paul scored top on this heat with 3 rounds + 5 G2O, although Tommy C was moving the weight easier, he found it hard to keep calm on the double unders. Whereas Heather and Rachel showed great composure to score better than previous attempts!
Heat 2 had the scores to follow, arguably an advantage, but only if you use it! It seemed as though the warm up worked, the combination of double unders and heavier ground to overhead gave the likes of Alex a chance to iron down he’s double under technique before the WOD, he scored much better than he thought, and is now sitting pretty well on the masters leader board!

Then we had some fun!
A pairs workout consisting of rowing, partner deadlifts, Knees2elbows, 60/40 squat snatches, firemans carries, alternating wall ball shots and finally rope climbs. Fun ay!?

Oh yeh, then a little pep talk whilst holding a nice tidy plank position!

Watch out UK CrossFit, Average Joes was the tip of the iceberg!

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  1. I did 116 in my garage in Colodado. Would have been nice to do it with the group. I have an outside shot of qualifying depending on the next WOD, in the Masters division. Back in London in a couple weeks

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