Saturday WOD 17/11/12

17 Nov

A busy Saturday morning is just what you need to set you up for the weekend.

Warm Up

More double under and kipping drills. Some really great progress here well done to Lauren on the kipping. Guys keep practicing away from the gym and the progress will come thick and fast.


Hand stand press ups. Lots of different levels here well done to Christian for massively improving your kick up in the space of 10 minutes and also to Alex for those deep parallete HSPU’s. Awesome.


One rep max power snatch.  Reinforced with visiting the Burgner warm up.  Got to get those landings right guys. That quarter squat gives you room to get under the bar.  Big shout out to Mark for his PB.


An 8 minute AMRAP sprint of 5 thrusters40/30kg 5 ring dips 5 tuck jumps

Anyone getting above 6 rounds was on fire but big shout out to Colm for 9 rounds!

Plus a big well done to Adrienne for her  massive 2960 score in the throw down qualifier.

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