The CrossFit London s-Course…is coming

10 Nov

This will be the strength training/powerlifting companion course to the world famous CrossFit London i-Course…and it finally launches in 2013.

We have travelled the globe, studied with some of the top names in the strength training business – including Mark Rippetoe, Westside Barbell, Gym Jones, and many more – to create a best-in-class strength training course worthy of the CrossFit London name.

Like the i-Course, this workshop will major on technique, with solid , proven progressions to help to get you lifting heavy weights safely. Then we’ll go on and lift some heavy weights so that you can field-test your improved skills!

We’ll be covering the fundamental compounds movements: squat, box squat, press, bench press and both sumo and conventional deadlifts. To this we’ll be adding a full range of accessory movements to strengthen weak points in your lifts, as well as using bands, chains and some speciality barbells.

This will all be rounded off with a detailed discussion on programming, meaning that by the time you leave our doors:

  1. You’ll have some of London’s top strength coaches pick apart and rebuild your lifting technique
  2. You’ll know what your next strength programme should be
  3. You’ll know what your starting weights should be for your new programme
  4. You’ll be very tired – lifting heavy is fun but exhausting

Coming very soon in 2013!

Special offer for current CrossFit London Clients

We’ll be running a couple of half-day pilots for this new course over the next two months and we’d love for you to get involved in helping us test the content of the workshop.

If you’d be interested in being a guinea pig (whilst getting a serious boost to your lifting technique), please drop me a line.

This offer is open to all Level 1, 2 & 3 clients who are already registered with us.

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