The “Tagging” System

11 Nov

Its all very well to have  a system of levels.

Good idea,

But difficult to enforce.

As has happened on numerous occasions, someone “feels” they are a level 3, or decides to bounce past beginners and self-promote, or, without pull ups and a snatch, crashes into a level 4  class to “give it a go”.

So, the long term credibility test of the new system will be – can just anybody book into any class?

As from Monday 19th November the answer will be no.

We are actively “tagging”  our level 3 and 4  clients. What this means is that if you have not been assessed and tagged, you will unable to book into a level 3 or 4 class.

Visiting Crosfitters will be allowed to book into Level 2 classes.

We have been carrying out some ad hoc “rough tests” over the last week, and they will continue over the next week. For those who have already been attending Level 3 classes ( for about 6 months +) we are  making a  (crude) decision based on the following criteria for women

1 -2 pull ups

1-2 dips

kick up to a handstand ( against the wall) and lower down

Double unders ( say 5 +)

Several kipping pull ups and basic technical ability in the lifts

As a political “fudge”, clients who have been with us a while have been allowed to “scrape through”  if they are near misses. For boys assume, 5+ on each of those skills (10 is better).

So why do this?

On a very basic level, due to the simple  fact that Crossfit London was the 1st ever British affiliate (by years I think) we have accumulated far more experience than other Crossfit gyms. We know we need to build your physical capacity by a skill based approach (or the classic Crossfit approach). We discovered that, for most novices, it takes 2 years of 3  times a week to give you the pull ups, dips, squat, snatch, kettlebell, rowing, muscle up, handstand  skills  (etc) you need to be able to ‘do Crossfit”.

Once we gave our clients these skills, we noted that they didn’t really continue to improve  (certainly at the same meteroic rate) unless we did  two things:

1) set them a long term periodosed strength regime

2) added extra skills.

This is  what Level 3 does. It assumes you know the basic Cossfit  skills, strengthens them and adds more skills. So level 3’s – hang on to your hats as we start the process of teaching you how to handstand walk, ring hand stand. bar muscle ups and a host of  (nasty) cool stuff, all while building your raw strength.( although, be patient for the next month as your trainers help the “scrape throughs” get to the standard !

Level 2 is equally exciting as we help you get your  1st RX Fran and  get your Fight Gone Bad score to  230 plus. You will find the randomised strength and skill programme will deliver you fitness results that the average Globo gym  goer will just stand and  gawp at.

All we can say is “enjoy”






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