Thursday Level 2 Tabata terror: Wod 22 Nov

22 Nov

Warm up: test max push presses (40/30) in 20 seconds, then max air squats in 20 seconds.

Then , keeping as near to that test  figure as possible, do  4 sets of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest.


Then 4 sets of squats keeping as near to that test figure as possible

The Tabata protocol is not about management. You do as many reps as you can in the work period, literally not caring that there is another set. You give it everything. Its not  any old 8 sets of 20 seconds. In the original experiments, many candidates didn’t make it to the 6th set before they fell of the bike or puked.

We then split jerked and muscle upped, then it was onto a highly individualised wod, Toes to bar ( or knees to elbow or hanging basket raises, or sitting on  a  box eating fudge while visualising yourself doing the wod) and double unders

Of the many options  available, some chose 14 TTB/40 double unders, 7/40, 7/20 then the very popular 7TTB with 7 DU attempts: any attempt counted as long as it  left a mark or hurt ( either physically or emotionally). All this fun while listening to the Gangnam style  track ( and other trendy Toones).

I is so Cool, Innit

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