Tuesday (pm) 20/11/2

21 Nov

Last night at CFL we had out first taste of what Level 3 classes may look like in the future: a smaller, more concentrated bunch of people that want to take it to the next level!

Our strength component was Push Jerk:
6×2. @85% (wm)
Our main emphasis here was making sure the bar was resting on the shoulders at the start, not in the hands so that the bar is released as soon as the hip drives, also speed: dropping under and catching the bar with arms straight and in the heels!

We got to know our jump rope with a nasty running warm up:
5 mins of continuous barefoot skipping (5 burpee penalty if you trip)

Our workout was one of those that looked horrendous on paper because it had a “100” in there:
10 min AMRAP:
100 10m shuttle runs
Do As many “man makers” as possible in remainder of 10 minutes. (20/15kg)

*”man maker”
With 2 x Dumbell perform in one motion:
1 push up
1 left arm row
1 push up
1 right arm row

Post thoughts, comments, scores & abuse!

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