WOD 12th November Kettlebell’s We love them!

13 Nov

Level 2

For Strength –

Front Squats- 5 sets of 3 paused squats.

If numbers were known weight was between 70-80% depending on athlete ability and experience.

A paused squat means a pause at the bottom of the squat generally between 2-4 seconds.

As this was Level 2 we stuck with a 2 second pause. After which the aim is to drive out as hard as possible.

The pause cuts off the stretch reflex and means getting up is that bit harder. The longer the pause the harder it gets.

Yay Handstands – Such an un-loved move but essential!

Groups either worked on kicking up. The more experienced worked toward their handstand push ups.


RX 24kg/16Kg

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Sumodeadlift High pull (with Kettlebell)

3-6-9-12-15-18-21 Kettlebell Swings


Level 3

For Strength –

Back Squats 5×10 @ 60% 60 second rest.


GHD Technique -Sit ups and back extenions.

WOD – Same as Level 2

A special mention to our Danish visitors who scored a wicked sub 7 minute time. Nice work.

Everyone though was pretty awesome as everyone but the injured went RX on this. Nice work Crew.





3 thoughts on “WOD 12th November Kettlebell’s We love them!

  1. Great session Sally. Bring on the GHDs! It’s been a long time.
    Not sure high volume heavy back squat was a good move for me with the qualifier wod this week. I could barely sit on my saddle this morning!

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