WOD 21st November Gale Gardens

22 Nov

Level 2

Warm up – Double unders x10 – Handstand kick up and lower (min 1) – Pull ups (strict, m 5+, f 1+) – Ring dips (m 5+,f 1+)

Finish with 10 double unders.

Power Sntach drill (to be used in strength section)

For Strength – Overhead Squats 5-5-3-3-3

Skill – Kipping and Handstand practise


3 min AMRAP x3

12 Deadlifts

6 Pull ups

Instead of resting between rounds as in the Chief WOD we inserted 1 min air squats.


Level 4

2 Minutes of double unders

3 minutes AMAP Clean & Jerk 80kg for M and 50kg for F

2 minute rest

7 minute AMRAP

7 reps of Clean and Jerk 70 for M 45 for F

49 Double unders

We ended the session with 20 minutes of skill work. Choosing a skill that needs working on not something you can do with your eyes closed!!!

Nice work and pace from everyone. Level 2 you guys are machines!! I am loving the energy!!


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