WOD 29th October & 2nd November Catch up

02 Nov

Sorry for the lateness of the post.

Monday Night.


Snatches for Strength 5-5-5-5

Handstands working on skills and getting progressions right.



Sumo-deadlift high pull and Overhead squats.

The fact we had just covered snatches meant we were good to go after a quick sumo-deadlift HP review.


Push Jerks for Strength 75% 3×6

Pull Technique – After my revalation I was over-complicating the teaching, my new simple way worked a treat.


Buy In

50 Mountain Climbers

21-15-9 Sumo-Deadlift & Overhead Squats

Cash Out

400m Run

Boom Sorted. Nice work peeps.

2nd November Foundations

Kicked off with Sam’s Favourite! Skipping.

1 Minutes of singles followed by a few practises at  double unders.

Front Squats for Strength was 5-5-3-3

Handstands for practise and learning progressions.


3 minute AMRAP with 1 Minute rest – 3 rounds

3 Jumping Squats with weight

6 Box Jumps

9 Slam Balls

I think you all liked this one!!

Nice work Crew see you all next week.


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