WOD 4 Nov 2012 (AM)

04 Nov

Note: Did anyone lose a pair of headphones at the gym? If so, email me.

Today was cold and rainy, so congrats to everyone who dragged themselves out from their warm and cozy houses to come and lift heavy stuff.

Open Strength Session

Followed by a quick and easy workout


10 Min AMRAP

7 Push Press (Fran Weight)

30 Double Unders

Rest 2 mins

EMOM for 3 Minutes

Max Unbroken Ring Dips

The last few days have involved a ton of pulling, so today I decided to mix it up with all manner of pressing movements. The push presses and double unders were a test of mental fortitude, not because either movement is particularly hard, but because putting them together tends to make everyone forget how to do either.

Then, we tossed in some ring dip practice. This week is going to see some muscle ups pop up, so best practice.

Arbitrary Awards:

Lucky 7’s: To Nick and Andreas. You know what’s better then 5 rounds in 10 mins? 7 Rounds in 10 minutes. Well done boys.

Torque Master: To Lindsay. Torque is awesome. It helps you deadlift really heavy stuff. Well done Lindsay.

Lies! To the 9:30 Class. Today the 9:30 Class learned that sometimes, when I say “Rest” I really mean, “Actively Rest. By putting away weight.” Because that’s much more fun then not doing anything.


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