WOD 5th Novemeber Barbell Complex

06 Nov

Yay these are my favourites!!

I would usually program the Bear on a complex day but since me and the Team had done it already on Wednesday last week I wanted to shake it up and keep it fresh. I trawled a few sites and after a few alterations I found the perfect Monday night remedy.

Level 2

For Strength Overhead squats 5-5-5-5

Push ups (First attention was paid to hand positioning and variations) 1 minute max push ups with a minute rest in between – x3


1 Power snatch

1 Overhead Squat

1 Back squat

1 Push press (btn -Behind the neck)

The sequence needed to be performed 6 times to equal 1 Round.

At the end of each round the weight needed to be jacked up.

3 Rounds in total.

Level 3

For Strength

Front Squats (naked bar – 65% as warm ups) Working weight @ 75% 3×7

Cleans (65% 75% as warm ups) Working weight @ 80% 3×5


1 Power Sntach

1 Overhead Squat

1 Back Squat

1 Push press BTN (btn behind the neck)

Sequence performed 6 times equals 1 round

3 rounds in total with the weight increasing each time.

10 tuck jumps between each round.

Nice work all round. See you next week gang.


3 thoughts on “WOD 5th Novemeber Barbell Complex

  1. Agree, excellent WOD. Really enjoyed how the moves flowed into eachother.
    And thank you for all the excellent instruction on the kipping pull ups, I think I might actually have a few in me now, after MONTHS of trying to understand that move!

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