WOD 7th Novmeber Psychological Warfare!

08 Nov

Level 2

With a relatively new batch of level 2 members the warfare begun with Clean drills.

Passing beginners doesn’t mean we expect it to be perfect. Level 2 the where we can polish skills developed.

Once drilled weight was added for 4 sets of 3-5 reps.

RECORD your WEIGHTS!! – very important in level 2 that you begin to do this to get the best gains.

Warfare continued with Handstands, there was a pretty unanimous groan at there mention! It has to be done people!

Finally 30 Muscle ups for time.

We broke this down into 3 dips and 3 ring rows = 1 muscle up.

Nice one all round. Top marks for an enthusiastic bunch – (I am not being sarcastic, they were awesome)


Level 4 -Fire Breathers

You know when the 15 minute Clean section is the active rest you are in for a ride. This is the first time I have actually had to contemplate stopping because I might just be sick. (sign of an awesome workout?!)

After initially warming up we broke into 2 groups and alternated between –

Overhead squats (30/42) and Ring Dips

1 Min max on each

10 minutes of this made sure the cob webs were blown away.

15 minutes to work on cleans in sets of 3 @ 75-80%

Next up – 50 cal WOD

50 double unders

21 push press 30/50

50 double unders

18 push press

50 double unders

15 push press

50 double unders

12 push press

With no clock in the new gym these times were taken from an I-Phone and therefore not exact.

Paul – Just over 10 Minutes

Adrienne – Sub 13

Sally – 13.15

Colm – 14.22

Nick –

Ben –

Adnan –

If the boys can just post there times to fill in the gaps please.



4 thoughts on “WOD 7th Novmeber Psychological Warfare!

  1. I was 9.53 minus the 5 seconds it took to walk over and look at the iphone.  Warm up destroyed my legs.

  2. Sorry for the miss quote Paul. I hope we are using the word destroyed in a good way 😉

  3. I think i was just behind Ben and I can’t remember if it was 14 mins or 16 mins!!! Ben, can you clear up this conundrum?

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