WOD Sunday 18th – Level 3 and Level 2 (also Level 1)

18 Nov

No Phil today. He’s off in Danishland being an Outlaw, or something.

So CrossFit London’s finest Sunday Crossfitters were ‘treated’ to my moustachioed visage this morning. Them’s the breaks.

Level 3 – 0930 & 1030

Some ‘free strength’ stuff for the first 25mins. I wandered around, stroked my ‘tache and said wise things that people generally ignored.

The WOD was Fight Gone Bad’esque mixture of novelty movements arranged in a scheme designed to encourage constant movement at the expense of voluntary bodily functionality at the end.

Three 5 minute rounds (with 1 mins rest between rounds) of:

  • Rope climbs/towel pull-ups
  • Plate push-ups (one hand on plate, one on floor; push up and jump hands into opposite positions)
  • Fake prowler pushes (2x25kg plates on a foam mat shoved across the floor)
  • Double kettlebell, single leg deadlifts (a balance challenger and general butt ache – literal and metaphorical)
  • Single arm dumbell squat clean thrusters (why not?)

Seemed to do the trick.

Level 2 – 1130

We did some work on hollow body position (dish shape) before monkeying around with push-ups and pull-ups. Maybe something else…not sure about that though.

The WOD was a slightly scaled version of the Level 3 one from earlier:

  • Rope climbs/using the rope to stand up off the floor
  • Regular push-ups
  • Fake prowler pushes  (1x25kg plate)
  • Kettlebell deadlifts (one kettlebell, two legs)
  • Dumbbell thrusters
Level 1 – 1230
A packed house of newly minted Level 1 folks learning the clean & jerk. Quite splendid job from everyone.

Arbitrary awards (in the style of Phil)

“Some party host you’d be” – To me for pretty much muddling everyone’s names up. Particular apologies to Mark and Michael (for using your names interchangeably), Marcin (for calling you Gregor) and Natasha (Patricia).

“Tom Selleck ain’t got nothing on you” – To me for having the best mo. Honourable mentions: Michael and Stu.

“We haven’t got all day” – To me for the slowest push-up during the team warm up. Honourable mention: Natasha for a negative pull-up that lasted forever (it may indeed still be going on now). Not as good as my magnificent push-up you understand, but still quite impressive.

“You’ve come a long way, baby” – To me. Lewisham is a good 10 miles from Bethnal Green, demonstrating my unshakable commitment to the gym. Honourable mention: Jim from California. Technically here for ‘business’, so it doesn’t count.


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