WOD Thursday 1st Nov (PM)

02 Nov

Today was a little bit of an unusual class for the main class as there were no barbells lifted…


5×3 squat cleans, add more weight each time

2nd progression for kipping pull ups as a continuum from last week and we will add another progression next week


4 rounds 12min cut off time

20 double unders

10 burpees

15 slam balls

WOD class

Working ion handstands: kicks against the wall, handstand hold against the wall, trying to kick away from the wall to hold the position, then work in pairs on freestanding, handstand onto crash mat, headstand into handstand…

Then it was onto tabata ring rows, great effort guys.


4 rounds 14min cut off time

50 double unders/25 attempts

10 burpees

21 slam balls


Great work everybody and see you all next week!

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