You had me at Hello….Lunchtime Wod 20 Nov

20 Nov

Have you ever met someone at a party,  picked them up, then proceeded to talk your way out of  what could have been a perfectly decent shag?  Perhaps it happend in  a sales environment!  You make your pitch, the client wants to buy, then, hell, you keep on talking! They think a bit more about it. Then before you know where you are, they are “thinking  about it” and the conference ends in ” I’ll call you next week”!


We’ve all been there.

Its the same with the snatch. How high do you have to pull it  to get underneath it. You have to ( and I mean , “HAVE TO” ) bring your hips all the way in. But,  do you need to continue to pull, do your arms  really need to tug it up further, do you need to go tippy toe… does the bar need to sailing up past your chin to the moon before you decide you need to  be going down the other way and fast. So today’s snatch wisdom was how high do you need to go.

So we did some drills that helped the class workout how high they need to pull the bar, then it was into film maker  mode as the class videoed each others snatches and made suggestions for improvement. Well done

Then it was a cheeky, Toes to bar, or knees to elbow, or the best you can under the circumstances /run combo

either 21/15/9 with 400m in between, or 7/200m runs, amrap 10 minutes.

We preceded this with some double under and handstand practice.

After the session Phil was kind enough to show me the progression for the  handstand walk that he and Kat learned at the Outlaw workshop this weekend. in Denmark. So they will be coming our way soon.


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  1. top marks to melissa for a head spinning amount of double unders  and for sharing 2 bits of golden nuggets 1) get your own rope, 2) 5-10 minutes practice each day

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