Practice at home challenges for 2013

31 Dec

At crossfit london, there are many things we want you to aspire to over the next year: you should think about  improving your  Fran time, upping  your pull ups, perfecting your rope climbs, upping your deadlift, fine tuning your snatch, get the muscle up…. Loads of motivating, step by step challenges: All of which require access to our fantastic facility, its not easy to put up pull up bars, rope and olympic weight sets  at home, nor can you always get to our Bethnal Green Gym. So in addition to your core crossfit training, here are some useful “do at home” targets for you to shoot for:

1) 50 burpees in 2.5 minutes

Here are some observations from this years challenges Once you get the 50 in 2.5 minutes, its on to 100 in 5 minutes.

2) Max push ups in 2 minutes and  Max sit ups in 2 minutes. There are some interesting figures and links in Kates article This is quite an easy challenge, so smash this one out .

3) The Cooper test: run as far as you can in 12 minutes, then convert the results into a VO2 max figure. If you can be arsed

That said “VO2 max” is a bit of a “tosser” marker: better to aim to increase your distance.

4) 100 double unders.

This means buying your own skipping rope and  moderate daily practice. Performance hints here

WOD Saturday 29 (Level 2 & 3)

29 Dec

Another session of wildly out-of-control programming to put up with:


Houston Kettlebell test (5th min to 15th min, 110 swings and 110 goblets squats)


Auxiliary warm-up

Dallas push-up test (55 total push-ups)


Skills work

Pistols (scaled, though free-standing, up to weighted)

Skin-the-cat flair/ninja work (Level 3 only)



Front squat 2-10-2-20-2

L2 Gales Gardens 29 Dec 2012: The Chief

29 Dec

Happy inbetween-Christmas-and-New~Year, people!

This is what we did this morning:
Lots of running and jumping in circles, then a bit of the Burgener warm up called the Junkyard Dog

Handstand and double-under drills

Strict presses, warm up then 2 X 10, then max reps, all with a naked bar.

WOD The CHIEF5 rounds, 3 mins effort, 1 min rest between

3 power cleans 60/40
6 pushups
9 squats

Count the number of completed rounds

Quite beastly! Happy holidays everyone, have a great New Year


Andrew’s Christmas WODs

27 Dec

Christmas Eve

12 slam balls

12 push ups

and  1,2,3,4 pull ups ( or  rope climbs for level 3)

AMAP 15 mins


Boxing day

7  dumbbell thrusters,

7 T2B

7 Burpees

AMAP 15 minutes


27 December

40/60kg  Push Press (70kg, for level 3’s, 80kg for Tom), 16/24 kg Swing (32kg for Cian and Tom)







For time.

Seasons Greetings from our Bethnal Green Gym ( E2)



WOD 20 Dec 2012 (AM)

20 Dec

Level 2: 7am

Hang snatch 3
Mid hang snatch 3
Snatch 3-3-3

Kipping drills during rest

“Chelsea” 30 rounds, 30 minutes:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

10 Burpee Christmas gifts for anyone not doing a full pull up with chin above the bar, chest not touching the floor on push ups and not fully extending the hips or not getting adequate depth on squats. Up to maximum of 30 burpees.

Level 1.5: 8am

Sumo deadlift high pull and box jumps

Links & News

Are you suffering adrenal fatigue?


19/12/12 Wednesday Morning

19 Dec

So no one noticed my amazing Christmas tree I drew this morning….quite gutted about that 🙁

So as punishment for dismissing my festive cheer….


15 mins to establish 1RM Deadlift

3 ME Ring dips with 30 Second rest


12 min AMRAP

Wall Climb x1
(Increase this number by 1 each round)

30 Double Unders
15 Box Jumps
(These numbers stay the same after each set of wall climbs)

Awesome work guys, lots of red faces, some good heavy lifting with talk of head in line and midline nice and tight….nice scores all round…but the next time I draw you either appreciate it or you get Eva 😉

Merry Christmas!


Level 2 18-Dec-2012 (PM)

19 Dec

My last class before Christmas! So I thought I’d be nice to you and warm you up only with a half tabata bottom-to-bottom squats to prep for the front squats.

Strength: front squat 5×5

Skill: handstand wall walk


5 rounds for time with 1min rest in between of:

10 KB snatches

30 tuck jumps

8 push presses


Well done all, have a great Christmas and I will see you in 2013!

Ponytail Whiplash

18 Dec

Functional exercise at high intensity has a risk factor. Under stress you can surrender your lumbar curve on the deadlift , your knees can collapse on the squats: then there is a host of mini injuries: callous tears, rope burns, missed box jumps: and then theres falling off pull up bars, droping through rings on the muscle up, falling out of handstands badly.

The list goes on.

And now it goes on a bit more.

Inga was the first to fall victim to this a few weeks ago during a burpee test: Kate fell victim to it tonight  during todays tuck jump wod.

The new injury is “ponytail whip lash”, medically described as an “aggressive parabolic  projectile motion of  (secured platted or banded strands of ) hair from a posterior to anterior position, through the frontal plane, resulting in an eye based  collision.

When did the health and safety executive warn us of this!

17/12/12 Evening at GG

18 Dec

I do have to say I may have had a small headache yesterday evening after the CFL Christmas Party! :-/ but we had work to do so…


(Squat Cleans…why you ask? just because I can!?!)

Handstand push ups

We decided to go with max effort holds and then onto either max effort handstand push ups or negatives

12 min AMRAP

10 OH Squats
16 Single Leg Squats (using a box)

Everyone had a little shock when they got onto the box and there legs wouldn’t quite do as everyone wanted them to do!

We talked a lot about midline in the OH squats as if you lose that… your back starts to kick in and it’s not a great feeling so everyone…keep tight! 😉

Over and out..


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