03/12/12 level 2

04 Dec

On a lovely winter evening at GG and after some evil planning between myself and Andrew Monday evening looked like this:

Warm up:
Snatch Drills
Kipping Pull ups/Strict
Big shout out to Kat who got 3 kipping pull ups in a row…BOOM!

Overhead Squats (everyone’s favourite)

Here at GG we’re hard core and don’t need wracks so we snatch up our weight 🙂

Ring Dips – Kipping Teach and Dynamic effort 🙂

10 mins to get 250 American Kettlebell Swings

* Each time you put the bell down 2 Handstand Push ups

There was a lot of noise and swearing during this workout and half way through commented ‘no way is this humanly possible in 10 mins’
After everyone collapsed on the floor with forearms the size of their heads and some sort of claw hand…I let them go home! 🙂 Good work guys!


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  1. forearms the size of their heads…. lol, the image in my head just cracks me up.

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