05 Dec

Wednesday morning WOD:

Today started with a bit of skipping for 5 mins to warm the old bones up…especially when Tom opened the door I saw snow!!!

After opening out the hips we moved onto the morning:


I gave the guys 20mins to find their 1RM…seen as though this was a relatively new level 2 class it was a great opportunity to see where they were personally and plenty of time to see where they needed to help!

Strict Pull ups

Nice little warm up for the WOD!

100 ‘L’ Sit pull ups
10 min cap


We scaled this a little so instead we did:

‘L’ sit hang for as long as possible and the 5 strict pull ups, score was the amount of rounds for the pull ups.

The L sit hold gave the guys a chance to keep their body in check and you can’t cheat when you’re hanging off a bar 🙂


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