06/12/11 Level 2 Lunchtime

06 Dec

Cold isn’t even the word to describe today!!! So what better to do than a nasty little sweaty WOD!

After warming up with a bit of skill and squatting we moved on…


15mins to find 3RM Front Squat

70kg, 80kg and go on then 90kg…awesome work Bryan and Chris


Handstands!!!! 🙂
With a little help from Filip the handstand expert, we did a few handstand holds and free handstands onto the crash mat…lots of fun had and everyone got into a handstand 🙂

3 Rounds

21 KB Swings 16kg/24kg
15 Goblet squats
9 Knees to Elbow

Everyone got 10mins and under….and nice and sweaty!

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