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02 Dec

I’ve been chatiing to my lovely Kate about making her magic fingers more available to Crossfit London members. For those who don’t know, apart from coaching our beginner and level 2 classes, Kate is probably one of the best sports massage therapists in London. She took and passed  all her  “flashy” occupational exams a while ago. However, since then she expanded her knowledge of the human body in truly practical ways and studied with leading “names” like Leon Chaitow: that’s apart from extensive hands on  “Crossfit aches and pains” experience.

Part of her clinical success is her ability to combine her massage qualification with being a trigger point chick , a voodoo band witch, a rock tape junkie and everyones mobility mum.

What we have decided is that most of Kate’s “fixing” sessions will be done from our flat in Stratford (3 minutes from Stratford Tube) for £35 an hour or £20 for 30 minutes. (it’s nice and warm, easy to get to). That said, she will try and arrange some sessions in the gym too, but will need to add £5 onto a treatment to give the gym some income.

At the moment, you’ll need to book by email, and pay in cash. At these rates, I’d suggest that as many of you as possible book a session with with Kate once a month so she can fix the obvious issues, and maybe stop other issues from surfacing.

Kate’s email is



5 thoughts on “Get your monthly massage fix

  1. the funny thing is that  before she took the course and learned  the professional stuff she was still doing massage, and she cured my shoulder using some techniques shown to her by some Japanese experts: who knew she would go on to develop those skills to  this level.
    lucky us.
     Btw, if her fingers are magic….. whats the word for her elbow?

  2. Hi all
    Thanks for the amazing response already – emails are coming thick and fast! Just so everyone knows, I will be starting in earnest from January and offering a variety of daytime, evening and weekend availability. Between now and Christmas there are a few Sunday afternoon slots going (and some between Christmas and the New Year). It will be great to get your hands on you all, if you know what I mean. Many thanks again everyone x

  3. I just qualified as a sports massage therapist myself, and would love to come and watch, exchange ideas or help in any way. Exciting stuff! 🙂

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