Level 2&3 13-Dec-2012 (PM)

14 Dec

Level 2

warm up: 1min DUs/attempts, 5 kipping pull ups/progressions

strength: deadlift 5×5

Level 3

strength: deadlift 4×5 @ 77.5% then power snatch 5×3 @ 80%


there were few options as lots of clean and jerks were programmed last night too.

So the choices were:

1) 21-15-9

clean and jerk (50/35kg) /squat snatch (60% 1RM)

toes to bar

2) 12-9-6

clean and jerk (80% 1RM)

weighted pull ups


Everybody finished within 15min cut off time so the scaling worked out…

Well done all especially Maria who survived her first ever Level 2 class and everybody else who made it in on my last Thursday before my holidays.

Have a great Christmas guys and I will see you in 2013!


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