Level 2&3 6-Dec-2012 (PM)

07 Dec

or ‘Death by forearms’ for 6.30pm also ‘Death by squats’

Level 2:

Warm up: 15 air squats, 5 pull ups, 10 double unders

Strength: 5×2 front squats

Skill: handstand


3 rounds for time of

21 KB swings

15 goblet squats

9 knees to elbows

Level 3

first class wasn’t warm enough so after a request for warm up from Paul (yes thank him if you can’t walk today) we did 1/2 tabata squats with ‘rest’ at the bottom and 1/2 tabata jumping lunges

Strength: 8×5 back squat

Skill: GHD sit ups/bar muscle up progressions


3 rounds for time of

20 KB swings

20 goblet squats

20 knees to elbows (yes elbows not the upper arm…)


Well done to John (who had to use 40kg KB but we agreed to do 15/15 KBS/GS), Tom (for volunteering to use 40kg KB) and also everyone else.

Also warm welcome to our visitor Wei from CF Townsville Australia


See you all next week!

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