Monday (am) 3/11/12

03 Dec

A nice full class this morning!

We got started with a nice fun (for some) game of Hoover Ball, for many of the guys it was the first time they had played it! Yes, if you don’t catch it, a 5kg medicine ball to the face will leave a sting!
Well done Ruairi’s team!

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3

*Key points here were: always applying pressure to the bar and keeping your weight in your heels. We used medicine balls as a squat depth measure!

Ring Dips

*The big lesson here was keeping the rings close to your body and actively pulling the ring into your armpit on the way down so you can push from your chest on the way up! We demonstrated this in a normal push up first, pulling your hands to your armpits whilst rotating at the shoulder, similar to keeping your weight in your heels and pushing your knees out in a squat.

8 min AMRAP
Handstand push ups

*every time you break up your handstand push ups, you must do 15 wall ball shots.

Some interesting noises from Ruairi during the warm up, fascinating faces from Tomo on the OH squats and plenty of quivering shoulders during the WOD.

Good effort ya’ll!


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