Ponytail Whiplash

18 Dec

Functional exercise at high intensity has a risk factor. Under stress you can surrender your lumbar curve on the deadlift , your knees can collapse on the squats: then there is a host of mini injuries: callous tears, rope burns, missed box jumps: and then theres falling off pull up bars, droping through rings on the muscle up, falling out of handstands badly.

The list goes on.

And now it goes on a bit more.

Inga was the first to fall victim to this a few weeks ago during a burpee test: Kate fell victim to it tonight  during todays tuck jump wod.

The new injury is “ponytail whip lash”, medically described as an “aggressive parabolic  projectile motion of  (secured platted or banded strands of ) hair from a posterior to anterior position, through the frontal plane, resulting in an eye based  collision.

When did the health and safety executive warn us of this!

3 thoughts on “Ponytail Whiplash

  1. The HSE recommendations are as follows:
    Secure the ponytail lower at the nape of the neck, or keep your spilt ends trimmed!
    Who knew?

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