Practice at home challenges for 2013

31 Dec

At crossfit london, there are many things we want you to aspire to over the next year: you should think about  improving your  Fran time, upping  your pull ups, perfecting your rope climbs, upping your deadlift, fine tuning your snatch, get the muscle up…. Loads of motivating, step by step challenges: All of which require access to our fantastic facility, its not easy to put up pull up bars, rope and olympic weight sets  at home, nor can you always get to our Bethnal Green Gym. So in addition to your core crossfit training, here are some useful “do at home” targets for you to shoot for:

1) 50 burpees in 2.5 minutes

Here are some observations from this years challenges Once you get the 50 in 2.5 minutes, its on to 100 in 5 minutes.

2) Max push ups in 2 minutes and  Max sit ups in 2 minutes. There are some interesting figures and links in Kates article This is quite an easy challenge, so smash this one out .

3) The Cooper test: run as far as you can in 12 minutes, then convert the results into a VO2 max figure. If you can be arsed

That said “VO2 max” is a bit of a “tosser” marker: better to aim to increase your distance.

4) 100 double unders.

This means buying your own skipping rope and  moderate daily practice. Performance hints here

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