Rope and Aerial conditioning 09/12/2012

10 Dec

So on a rather drippy morning in the back room we had our usual fun and frolics on the equipment.


The past couple of weeks we have been looking at some front and back lever drills, with spotting and assistance. We all certainly appreciate how strong those Olympic gymnasts were after finding these incredibly hard! However, yesterday Ashwin managed a pretty impressive back lever, I didn’t get a picture in time, but it was very cool!

My 9.30 class in generally made some really great improvements particularly in terms of technique and body shapes. There are more stretched feet, straight legs I didn’t see any Quasimodo backs so this made for a pleasing lesson. Olivier and Mikko especially I was really pleased with making great improvements especially in Skin the cats and our 1 arm hang death drills. Andreas and James both had their first class and both picked up the basics really easy making my life easy.


The 10.30 saw Mac flying solo, it seems Christmas party season saw too many people not being able to face hanging upside down for an hour, shame on you!!! However, after completing filthy 50 in 27 mins in the class  previous its safe to say Mac was pretty tired! His plan had been to observe the class……with no one to observe he had to do it! Besides a few flexibility issues, Mac picked up most aspects of the rope and conditioning drills. Especially great work on the hiplock with he got pretty much 1st time!


Keep stretching guys, its only going to make your life easier in all senses, crossfit and everything else. If you cant touch your toes, its needs to go on your 2013 resolution list.

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