Saturday 1/12/12

02 Dec

We opened the first window of the Advent calendar and got this:

Warm up with double under practice, hand stands and kipping.

Strength session sumo dead lift 80% of working 1RM for as many reps as possible.  Many worked off your dead lift figures and were pleasantly surprised at how easy this felt.  Then squat cleans 3×6 at 70% of 1RM. This was a tough one and made everyone blow.


I went off program today as it was my last class and I wanted to leave you with something to remind you of me, DOMS.

Jelly Legs

5 min amap air squats

4 mins amap box jumps

3 mins amap jumping lunges

2 mins amap pistols

1 min amap jumping squats

A brilliant effort from everyone today a bitter sweet feeling of saying goodbye but I will be back. A massive thank you to all those who donated to my Movember page you have raised £615! And I am match funding this so together we have raised £1230 for charity!

A big thank you too for my gifts, wine and whiskey, you know me well…..

4 thoughts on “Saturday 1/12/12

  1. I will remember this day for a long time, for sure. If I walk on my toes, the pain in my thighs and buttocks is more bearable…

  2. I am having difficulty walking this afternoon, especially after a Sunday session added into the mix.  Thanks for that!  I will miss your Saturday sessions!  Best of luck!

  3. Oh, and Colin, here’s that book “DarkMarket” that I mentioned:

  4. Jelly legs – lives up to the name… Best of luck Colin, and see you at the Christmas party.

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