Saturday AM Comp prep class

09 Dec

Competition prep indeed for this week’s Firebreathers! Now that The London Throwdown Qualifiers are over and done with, we could crack on with our bonkers Saturday morning exercise regime aimed at preparing us for the hardcorenous of CrossFit competition!

In pairs, complete the following for time (30 min cap):
3 rounds of
30 DL @ 145/90kg
100 Double unders
30 OH squats @ 52/35kg
100 Double unders

*this was one of those WODs that you do once in a blue moon, to show your body what a extra ordinary competition WOD would feel like. You should not lift this much weight for this many reps and allow your form to slip on a regular basis, end of dit! The balance between all these exercises and the weight prescription was certainly…DEMANDING!

“Bottom Field”
2 rounds
2 rope climbs
Up and over the pull up rig (with no assistance)
2m broad jump
5m balance beam
10 Burpees
10 firemans squats
*rest as long as it takes your partner to repeat.

*great fun, something different, Fireman’s squats (squat with your partner on your back in firemans carry position) kicked EVERYONE’S BUTT!

For those of you that have been hardcore enough to get up and train at 8am on Saturday morning for the past few months, we are trying to organise a night out before Xmas where we can talk about that time we couldn’t get out of a clean, arm wrestle and see who has the most defined hamstrings and obviously see me in my pink and white striped pants again! Check your emails, ideas welcome!


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