Saturday Competition prep class

03 Dec

It was time to take on The London Throwdown final Qualifier:

For time:
75 bar hopping burpees
75 pull ups
75 thrusters (35/25kg)
*any order, any breakdown

After hearing ALOT of bitching within the community regarding the workout because we did it last year, by Saturday everyone had a decent idea of their plan of action! Some better than others…cough, Colm, cough

We broke our Saturday morning group down into 2 heats, we went for a little jog, took another 10 mins to get any stretching done then we all got warmed up with a nice 5 mins of “Cindy”, with the focus being on quality of movement, not speed. We wanted to be warm for this workout but not knackered!

Heat 1 saw Tommy C puke twice, both times coming out of the toilet teary eyed and going straight to he’s bar to continue. Big lesson learned about how food can effect training, especially MET-CONs!
Cian posted the fastest score in this heat of 18 mins.

Heat 2, Alex was really looking for a good time to put him in the top 30 for the masters. Unfortunately a very respectable time of 18 mins wasn’t quite enough!! Adrienne kicked butt despite suffering with major headaches for the past 2 weeks, nothing a few pain killers won’t help!

Unfortunately none of our athletes qualified for The London Throwdown next year, majority down to the WOD1’s squat test. That said, you can bet your bottom dollar, a few of us coaches will be there next year to help Judge these impressive squats we appear to have in our community!

Next step, The CrossFit Games Europe Regional, their will be a big push for this!!!

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