St Paul, Carolyn and and some drills

07 Dec

I think it was St  Paul who said something along the lines of “never let the sun set on your anger”: however it was the inspirational Carolyn Logan who taught “never try a double under when you are cross”.  I was delighted to share with tonights level 3 this fabulous bit of advice, along with heels up, big chest, turn from the wrists, Blah, Blah

Todays wod at Crossfit london in Bethnal Green,  was an old Crossfit Games open one.

15 power snatches, 30 double unders, amrap 12 minutes: some great scores! Well done Flip and Naim who popped along to the lunchtime level  2 class to add a bit of “level 3” performance magic.

Just a point, on the coldest day thus far, Filip, Chris, and Cian all ended the wod with their tops off.

We had the chance of designing a new muscle up drill  in the lunchtime level 2

Thanks to Filip and Naim as unpaid models

In the evening level 3  class we looked at the handstand push ups, and started moving away from the “wall polishing” techniques, towards a free standing headstand to handstand move. The idea was to look at the issue of balance. If you dont have any control over you handstand, why should you be able to move it around? Its the same principle that we have been studying in the handstand walk sessions.

Next time we will see if we can do another film on headstand to handstand  so you can share the goodness

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