The kipping pull-up

11 Dec

As someone who is still battling to get a good honest kip, as opposed to a few partials, almosts and maybes which degrade into leg-flapping failure – here are some great drills to bed into your brain while you (and I) practice.

Last Saturday’s Level 2’s had a decent amount of time to work through the 4 distinct drills, one after the other. If you don’t get one, return to the previous drill and get that down perfect before progressing. Chalk up and just do a few reps at a time – it’s hard on your hands.

The full set of drills are on a Crossfit film at the bottom, but here are the drills in summary for your reference:

1) Hollow rock/Superman – practice on the floor rolling from dish to Superman. Guys – watch you don’t crush your gentleman vegetables! Then take it to the pull-up bar. Tighten your midsection and move from there.
2) On the backswing (hollow rock), bring your knees up, and simultaneously press down on the bar with straight arms.
3) “Jump the fence” with your feet, pull the bar to your chest.
5) Push the bar away (as in a bench press) and ‘walk through” your arms back to the start position (Superman)
Rinse and repeat.

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  1. there is an experimental  Crossfit london experimental film out soon with me, Sally, Naama and Phil

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