WOD 3rd December Quiet Monday

04 Dec

Where is everyone???

In keeping with Kat and Phil’s mission to collect loads of data sessions started with Max unbroken K2E or T2B.

Remember to send details to Kat and Phil!

For Strength – Overhead squats either work up heavy over 5 sets of 5 or 3 reps @ 75% x 7

Level 2 then followed with handstands and ring dips in prep for the WOD while Level 3 continued working heavy with cleans @ 80% 3 reps 5 sets.

Both Levels had the same WOD with a cheeky added EMOM for level 3.

AMRAP 15 Minutes

4 Handstand Push ups

12 Wall Balls

(level 3 EMOM – 6 Jumping Squats)

One thought on “WOD 3rd December Quiet Monday

  1. I am going to go right ahead and confess that I was booked into this class, but after Colin’s Jelly Legs WOD on Saturday I am in so much pain… Barely got through my Tai Chi class tonight! Back on it on Thursday morning though.

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