WOD 5th December – Level Four Programming News

07 Dec

Level 2

For Strength – Cleans either working up heavier each set – 5 sets of 5 or 5-5-3-3-3 @75-80%

Pull ups – Get them Right Working on technique, engaging shoulders and driving the chest to the bar.

This followed a quick review on kipping.

WOD 100 Pull Ups for Time! Boom


Level 4

New Bulletin for all Level 4 Fire-breathing Crew 

Having discussed a game plan with Tom this is how classes are going to program for the next 6 weeks.

Saturday – 1RM work,

Skill work (rope climbing, muscle ups ect)

Mash up WOD (most probably Benchmarks)

Wednesday – As the set up at Gale Gardens is a little different skill work like ropes ect are not possible at present.

Wed will for the next 6 weeks will follow Outlaw with some 1RM work and Benchmarks thrown in.

As Gale Gardens equipment gets up to speed with Malcolm Place we can review this again.

Hopefully this will give team members a bit of variety. It would be worth while any team members wanting compete seriously to hit both classes.

This weeks Session –

Back Squat

Every 30 seconds for 4:00 1 rep @ 85% (9 reps)

2 min rest

Every min on the min for 4:00 @ 90% (5 reps)

2 min ME Kettlebell Swings

1 min rest

4 min amrap 15 HR push ups, 10 T2B

1 min rest

4 min amrap 15 jumping squats 20Kg, 10 pull ups

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