WOD Tuesday 4/12/12

04 Dec

OMG that was such a fun night to teach!

Here’s what went down…

Shoulder Press 10×5 @60% (wm)
rest 60 secs

*looking at the volume of this section as well as the rest time, we can see a most definite DYNAMIC EFFORT! Vas was lucky enough to find himself sharing a bar with big Tommy C! SCHOOLBOY, 7-8 sets at probably 75% for Vas!

GHD Hip Extensions

*was great to take the opportunity to get all the guys re-familiarised with this basic but valuable lesson to take onto other movements such as: Deadlifts, KB swings and Low Bar Back Squats!

3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 KB swings
12 pull ups

*Benchmark time, and the best thing about “Helen”, if you can do pull ups, you can do it Rx’d! I think tonight’s shout out has to go to Kat for doing Helen rx’d in sub 20 mins! Her first Rx’d pull up workout! A hell of a hurdle! Everyone else across all level 3 classes finished in sub 15mins, THAT IS HUGE!!!! That’s nearly 30 people!!! Well dones everyone and very well done if you got under that 10 min mark!

Enjoy this classic CrossFit HQ “Helen” video!


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  1. It’s posts like these that make me hate working away during the week! Love Helen, haven’t done it in ages….
    And feel Vas’s pain, going with Tommy C on the strict press always leads to disaster

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