16/01/13 Wed Morning

16 Jan

Bit chilly to say the least…


Push Jerk/ Split Jerk

After the pressing game warm up the shoulders were good and ready to go, the guys alternated between push and split jerk

Double Unders (my favourite)

I made everyone warm up with some slow rhythmical skipping so that when they attempted double unders they had more chance of making them rather than going super fast with zero rhythm…after 3 sets of Joe doing 30 double unders and everyone else doing as many as they could do in that time….everyone improved on their numbers! Whoop!…def my influence! 🙂


3 Rounds for time:

21 DB Thrusters
12 Pull ups
400m Run

I would feel sorry for them but they all made me do a run with them….soooo I really don’t! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


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