Basic Barbell: 26 January

26 Jan

Olympic lifting

Slightly different approach today as a combination of lazy programming and pure curiously lead me to set the the first every CrossFit London Weightlifting World Championship.

Participants competed to competition rules and were given only three lifts per movement to put up a total. Loads of PBs were set, and, in the case of the ladies competition, it went right down to the wire.

Final scores below:

CrossFit London World Weightlifting Championships results



Press or bench (with pull-ups and ring rows)



Press: Rest/pause strict press at 60% of working weight

Bench: Rest/pause narrow grip bench at 50% of working weight


Squat or deadlift



3×15 Glute bidges

3×20 Woodchoopers with 12kg or 8kg kettlbell


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