i-Course 27 January 2013

28 Jan

Another action packed  i-course day was only slightly marred by two injuries. We had one  outbreak of ” I want to push the bar in my chin and bite my lip as it makes the push jerk more interesting” and an ankle twist as one of the trainees dropped off the pull-up bar and turned her ankle over as she landed on a trainers foot.

Ankle twists are always painful. Our thoughts are with her!

We had a room full of lovely people who did their utmost to pick up the whole range of skills that we teach in the i-Course; basic squatting, the olympic lifts, kipping, handstands and muscle ups (and other stuff too).

Typically for Crossfit London, we had a mix  of ages and abilities, with an a fascinating range of  reasons to be there. People preparing for “Tough Mudders”, boxing coaches, trainers, therapists and “normal” people looking to get fit.

We fielded a diverse teaching team that consisted of Phil, Carolyn, Kat, Kate and Rachel, so a big thanks to them all. If you came along, well done. If you are booked into the next course, see you then. If you have never attended and want to take your first step towards getting some of those fabulous Crossfit skills, grab a place on the next available i-Course as soon as you can.

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