Level 2-3 13-Jan-2013 (AM) MP

13 Jan
Playing a bit of catch up with my blog posts. Here is the WOD we ran through on Wednesday and Sunday.
Wednesday 9-Jan -2013
Games WOD (15mins instead of 18.)
AMRAP 15 min
15 box jumps
12 push jerk (50kg-35kg)
9 knee to elbow
Sunday 13-Jan-2013
Open Strength
Back Squat Review
WOD cut off
Level 3 12 mins
Level 2 10 mins
10 min AMRAP
4 Strict Pull ups/Ring Rows
12 Box jumps
Relatively simple but the general consensus is: That’s just mean..

As some of you may have noticed that I’ve suddenly gone back to strict pull ups only. There are a few reasons for this, but there are a few major ones:
1. Everyone wants a muscle up.
Every class I have about 6 people ask me about muscle ups. I even have beginners ask me about muscle ups. I can respect that. Muscle ups are really cool. But you know what’s even cooler then a muscle up? A strict muscle up.
Unfortunately, most people don’t train the amount of range necessary to make the transition on the muscle up easy. We’re going to work on that.
2. You’ve actually requested them.
In terms of phrases, I never thought I would hear, “Can we do some more strict pull ups?” ranks right behind, “I love burpees.”
3.  There’s been a downward trend in strict pull up number. 
Quite a few athletes (myself included) have had a noticeable decrease in overall pull up ability.  We’ve run “strict pull up only” for a few weeks with excellent results before, so we’re going to try to replicate those results and get everyone’s pull ups back up.
See you Wednesday.

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