Level 2&3 03-Jan-2013

03 Jan

Nice start of the year with lots of PBs!!!

Level 2:

Overhead squat 5×3

3x max effort ring dips

Level 3;

Front squat 5×10 (60 sec rest). We have experimented with a little tempo work and figured out that if you actually pause at the bottom of the squat you can get a lot deeper.

Clean & Jerk 1RM



in teams of 2 complete

1st teammate: 200m weighted run (with slam ball)

2nd teammate: 5 KB swings (heavy), 5 KB snatches (heavy-ish)

Score: amount of rounds completed

If you worked on your own the time spend on run and rounds was 1:1.



Well done all and see you next week!

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