Oh yes, it’s that time of year again!

31 Jan

The CrossFit Games OPEN!

That special time of year has come by again, where we push harder in a WOD than we would normally, just  to score better than Joe Bloggs in Minnesota, who we’ve never met!

The CrossFit Games Open is a great opportunity for you to see where you are as an athlete within the CrossFit community, whether that’s on a regional scale or a global scale depending on your level. The good thing about the open is that is has to be open for everyone, the workouts are designed so that everyone can atleast start the workouts to scale!

As in previous years, we will designated specific sessions for these workouts to take place during the week, throughout the open. You will be judged by a fellow classmate aswell as be under the watch full eye of the coaches to ensure the movement standards are upheld and fair competition during the six weeks of the open is guaranteed.

To find out more details and to register, log onto the CrossFit Games website @ http://games.crossfit.com/video/2013-open-registration-live

If you would like to volunteer for the CrossFit London Team, search CrossFit London UK and join the rosta, once you have registered as an athlete. You must do this before WOD 1 is due to end. There are many of you that have been training hard this past year and I can definitely see potential for a CrossFit London UK team to be present at Regionals!

What I’m saying is, if your doing workouts as Rx’d then pay the $20 to register as an athlete, give each workout your all and see how you get on. I have competed in the open for the last 3 years and although I’ve haven’t made through to regionals, I always come away from the Open with some good feedback, knowing what to work on or equally, knowing what I am good at!

So chalk up, bring your game face and where your lucky pants…IT’S TIME TO PUT ALL THIS TRAINING TO THE TEST!





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  1. Hi! I’m Jenn and I’m from Philadelphia, Pa.  My husband, Shannon, and I are taking a trip to good ol’ London! We’re really excited. Our travels will be landing us abroad during week 2 of the CrossFit Open and we’d LOVE to come to CrossFit London to WOD with you all. We are hoping this is something we can do. I read that we’d need to book the session prior to coming through and that’s totally fine but we need to make sure we book the right session…the one where you’ll be doing the CrossFit Open workout of week 2. Any information is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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