Online training journal #logsitall now live!

17 Jan

Well folks, we have finally switched on our LogsItAll online training journal functionality.

It is not 100% operational yet (although it does have the next few day’s worth of activity loaded up.

Pop over to the LogsItAll page on this site, sign-up (free) and take it for a test drive.

Note: it will probably not work exactly as we want it from day one, so please be patient while we iron out the kinks.

Please send me across all your feedback!

18 thoughts on “Online training journal #logsitall now live!

  1. I think I need coaching on this… I think I’m entering the right info? How many of us have started using this?

  2. I’ve started logging bits and pieces but have found it quite hard to navigate – the interface doesn’t feel particularly intuitive. That said, I haven’t had much of a chance to use it yet so it might be an unfair criticism.

    1. Sorry for the radio silence on the new system. I have been working with the developers to get it in to shape for our programming and needs. This has been completed now, and all we need to do is standardise the programming between classes and we’ll be good to go.

      I will put a proper guide up soon, once I am happy we have stabilised the features.

    1. Tommy Gun I retract the above statement, tonight’s WOD was good fun. Burpees and slam balls, who woulda thought it.

  3. I know I’m not the best on these sorts of things but I can’t even get into the system. I’ve set up as a user but no matter where I click I get either directed to an error message (500) or a place where it says my username and password are incorrect, even though they are not.
    Can anyone help? Is it just me or is there a problem? An idiots user guide would be good right now!

  4. I am unable to login directly from also. 
    When I login directly from I can record activities against Crossfit London but can’t compare times with anyone else (not sure how that’s meant to work).

    1. ruairih My login seems ok. However, I’ve been recording WODs and Strength/Skill results and comparison function doesn’t work no matter which search options I select.

  5. would be the main link (confusing I know) but this would have been sent to your email address when you registered along with a temporary password. Weirdly enough I can’t seem to find how to change the password though.
    you will then see the big red button that gets you to the logsitall page. I haven’t tried comparing times, will put in my numbers from tuesday’s wod…. let me know if anyone have their numbers up and let’s check if the comparison thing works?

    1. AllanVistan If I follow that route and click the big red button I get an error message saying 500 – internal server error. Do you not get that then?
      If I try going through the green ‘log workout result’ button or follow Ruairih’s route below it tells me no such user and password combination exists even though I have copy pasted from the email and tried two different users set ups with two different emails.
      Has anyone else had this? Can anyone actually get it to work? 

      1. LindsayM according to google you may want to try clearing your browser’s cache and/or delete cookies and try it again. I assume that the username password already exists as you’ve seen the red button, so it might just be a cache issue
        I’ve noticed that logging activities are a bit confusing, you can log a ‘custom’ wod or one that has been set up by Steven. but you have to go through different paths to do it! probably why the comparison thing doesn’t work…maybe…

  6. AllanVistan Hmm, I’m baffled now. Just tried it with my set up user details on a brand new, fresh out of the box Mac and same thing. Could it be a Mac issue?Forgot to say, to change password go to the top right of the CF website whilst logged into Logsitall where it will say ‘Howdy, Allan’ hover over it and click on edit profile, there is an option in there. Thanks for the suggestions and help. Hopefully Mr Shrago will have some answers for us all? No pressure or anything Steven.

  7. I had issues with Internet Explorer but Chrome seems to get me into the system fine.
    I’m able to log stuff and see my own history but not anyone else’s.

  8. btw, this is , as im sure you all appreciate, a work in progress. So keep feeding back, and we will have this system working beautifully  by June.

  9. Ok folks – hadn’t realised that there were a bunch of comments here! I have uploaded a basic guide to the system this evening, You can find it here:
    I the last week we have set up the system to match our programming as closely as possible. This means that if you log a WOD on the day you completed it, the logging page template on LogsItAll (where you go when you press the green button) will be pre-configured.
    Alex the Minch Oddly I can’t find your user ID on the system at all (unless you are Alec E Marshall?) This would be why you don’t get an email response.

    Chris Welsh Until multiple people put up their scores on the system, there will be nothing to compare.

    AllanVistan I generally test login details using a private browsing window in my browser (aka pr0n mode). This will tell you if you are suffering form cookie related woes. 

    I am sorry this isn’t running more smoothly, but hopefully AndrewStemler ‘s June target will be met!

  10. Is there still a way to see the workouts in the blog section of the workout?

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