Rope and Aeriall Conditioning 06/01/2013

06 Jan


Welcome back and Happy New year everyone! It was great to teach two full classes this morning with everyone keen to learn new skills and jump into their training for the new year. Excellent work from some new and old faces.

10.30, Great work by all, especially Kat, Adam and Mark who came straight from a particular nasty WOD before hand.  Well done everyone for getting catchers nailed this week, some interesting and ‘original’ attempts, but all round a great way to start the year. Lots of work on our hocks still to be done (hanging from the backs of our knees for you non rope folk), but non the less, good start.

11.30, lots of new faces which was great. Really impressed by all the new peoples progress and level. Some particularly good meat hooks from Alex, Mark and James. The climbs were quickly picked up by all and looking really efficient and strong. Remember, with rope climbs resist the urge to just do a pull up each time. Yes, there is an element of pull but if we can use our legs as much as possible its easier and more efficient, to gain height we need to lift the knees as much to the chest as possible with each re wrap of the feet.

Special shout out to Alex Walters  today. While the rest of us, (and by this I actually just mean me! But I am trying to spread my sense of guilt and shame amongst everyone) spent Christmas watching films and eating anything that was in a meter radius, Alex has been stretching. Yes, stretching folkes!!! I immediately noticed his improvements and this seemed to not only improve obvious things, like his straddle  etc but everything he did looked stronger and much more stabilized   His leg lifts, (toes to bar) were much stronger and generally I was really impressed. I think we all neglect the amount of care our bodies need and flexibility is a massively underrated element not only of Crossfit, but fitness and life in general. I’m sure Alex will see this massive improvement aid his crossfit classes too.

If anyone is interested, I was in a show before Christmas that a few people came down to watch. here is a (dodgy!) video of it! I am in the middle. See if you can spot any moves you know!

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