Steven’s Sunday summary, 27 Jan

27 Jan

Interesting posts on this week

Andrew announced a swimming support group which he is putting together. As you’d come to expect from everything we do at CrossFit London: it’s going to be heavy on technique… (“Swimming Support“, posted on Tuesday 22 Jan)

We tossed the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons with an article about pull-ups and ladies. It ended up being one of the most heavily read articles that we’ve written this site, and generated great discussion in the comments. Read more about it, here. (“Pull-ups and Girls“, posted on Sunday 20 Jan)

Things worth reading from around the web this week

Juggernaut Training Systems are running “Squat Week”, which is kind of like Shark Week, but with more…squats. Pretty interesting articles from the powerlifting side of our world. “Building an explosive squat” was one of the most interesting articles posted this week.

Elite FTS posted the second article in their series on performance enhancing drugs in sport. Very much worth reading to educate yourself. Make sure and read part one, as well.

A great analysis of the fatty acid (read omega 3 & 6 oil) content of 33 different types of fish, on Suppversity this evening.

As usual, Chris’ blog posts come chock full of great stuff. Check Tuesday’s and Thursday’s posts for more detail.

Other CrossFit London news

We ran another of our hugely popular iCourses today. Twenty people from all over the country descended on Malcolm Place to be put their paces across the range of CrossFit, barbell and gymnastic movements. Know someone who is interested in this CrossFit lark you’be been bending their ear about? The iCourse could be just the ticket…

It’s only a couple more weeks until the first run of the sCourse – the iCourse’s little strength-focused brother.

We’ve just about ironed out the last of the issues with LogsItAll. We’ll have a fresh set of programming loaded on to the system late ron this evening, in a form that should be easier to use. Later on this week I’ll write up a guide to using and getting the most of out the tool.

Oh yes, watch out for the new look CrossFit London website emerging over the next few weeks…

Inspiring CrossFit London client of the week

Rachel: Read her latest blog post on overcoming fears, here.

Also everyone who competed in yesterday’s olympic weightlifting competition (during the Basic Barbell class). PBs were set all over the place, and everyone rose the to occasion! I was truly proud of everyone.

Picture of the week

(Side note: all coaches should really take pictures when they get a chance!)

Daniel back lever
Daniel back lever

(My) Tune of the week

Bound to be controversial (especially with the more dubstep inclined), but my mind was blown by this very slight remix of REM’s “Losing My Religion”. The difference? All the minor notes were changed to major notes.

You’re welcome!

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