The sports massage clinic is open – book now

15 Jan

Due to overwhelming demand, you can now book a sports & remedial massage with me in Stratford E15, via this link


(NB: Please use the above link only. Don’t try to book via the Crossfit London site)

Those who’ve already had a treatment with me know how beneficial, energising and relieving it can be to have your Crossfit (and desk job) -induced aches, pains and dysfunction trigger-pointed and then effleuraged away. Get an insight into how your body performs/doesn’t perform through various moves. Learn how to take care of yourself between treatments. And as a fellow Crossfitter – I empathise with your pain!

How to book
Just go to the link, choose an available session, add your details and book – it’s really simple.
You will receive a confirmation email, and later a reminder email close to your appointment time with full directions to the venue.

There is no payment online yet – please bring cash with you to your appointment.

What to expect
Full sessions are approximately 50-55mins in length. This includes time for changing, consultation, assessment and treatment. I won’t waste your time – when you’re done, you’re done! The shorter sessions are 20-25mins for the same reason.

What do I wear?
As little as possible! It’s best to get down to your underwear. Your modesty is preserved by being  covered by a towel at all times, with just the treated area being uncovered at a time. Ladies: it’s best to wear a normal bra rather than a sports bra, as it’s easier to work around.

How often should I come?
One or two sessions may help to resolve your issue. Drop me a message with your booking describing your problem, how and when it occurred, plus any relevant history.
Or you may prefer a general maintenance treatment. Monthly is good.
(Please be aware of the contraindications to massage on the booking form)

A list of benefits of sports & remedial massage:

  • Increases local circulation removing muscle waste (like squeezing out a dirty sponge) and restoring nutrition.
  • Improved quality and quantity of training, as well as improved recovery.
  • Early identification of potential problems, feeling for changes in the muscle leading to injury prevention advice (posture/training adjustments)
  • Improved self awareness, by fine-tuning training, postural improvement.
  • Improves flexibility, better technique.
  • Promotes relaxation with physical and psychological benefits, leading to enhanced performance and greater physical enjoyment of one’s sport and active lifestyle.

Uses and benefits with injuries:

  • For those people recovering from an injury, massage can break down scar tissue and adhesions, release excessive muscle tension, promote circulation, reduce symptomatic pain, prevent secondary problems and improve the rate of healing.
  • Helps a full and speedy recovery.

Remedial massage offers a complementary part to play in the remedy for the soft tissue component of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction caused by life’s stresses. These include:

  • Postural and structural
  • Occupational
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Medical ie: pre/post surgery, systemic illness, disease and physical disabilities
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(NB: Please use the above link only. Don’t try to book via the Crossfit London site, thanks!)


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