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  1. Thanks for posting that link Chris. Real food for thought – especially regarding box jumps and achilles injuries. Do you think stepping rather than jumping down significantly reduces the risk of developing a problem? there’s a load on the tendon in either case I suppose.

    1. Chris Welsh read the article before and had the same concerns about box jumps. I have a bit of an ankle issue and I always pause at the top of the box. In fact that is my resting position and bounce back from the bottom (there is a video from Carl Paoli about box jump efficiency and this is his recommendation).
      I always make sure I land with my feet fully on the box rather than hanging off it, as I feel that it doesn’t stress the calves/achilles much. As for the bounce at the bottom, I do sometimes break that up and step down as well to further reduce the impact.

  2. I couldn’t help but do some research on the fizzy drinks article. 
    The study stated that of the 263K participants, 11,311 were diagnosed with depression. Some simple math will tell you that this is 4.3% of the total group. 
    Some simple goggling tells me that in any given year somewhere between 8% – 10% of the US population are diagnosed with depression. Simple ratios show that being in the study (drinking those drinks) reduced your risk of being diagnosed by approx 50%.  Without looking at the actual study I can suggest that the overall results will not have yielded significant results and the papers hand picked the best statements to “create” news.
    Don’t always trust a newspapers interpretation of a scientific study and don’t drink too much fizzy drinks. It probably affects your fran time more than your mental health.

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