WOD 14th January (PM)

15 Jan

Tandoori Chicken with pan fried cauliflower, capers and chilli flakes!

Boom my 30 days of strict Paleo continues.

Strength –

Level 2 focused on Snatches. Power snatches with a max weight around the 75% mark.

5 sets of 5 working the positions first then applying that to the working sets.

Emphasis on technique!


Level 3 worked on cleans. 65% 6 sets of 4 with 60 second rest.

Again technique the priority.


Skill – Pull ups

In both classes grip and shoulder activation were my top tips for the day. Curtesy of Carl Paoli and his awesome videos.

My focus this year is my gymnastic skill, amongst other things so expect more of this from me over the coming months.




Wilmot 50 squats and 25 ring dips

Level 3- had 25 minutes for 6 rounds

Level 2- I wanted 4 rounds to keep me happy.


Good work all round, more of the same next week.


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  1. Great video. And also a great view of a hand that has seen a lot of work on bars and rings… http://cl.ly/image/3W111d1i0a3W

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