WOD 16th January -L2 & L4

17 Jan


Hollows & Planks


Push Jerk 5×3

Double Under Technique starting with Hollow princlpes.


5 rounds

ME Thruster

ME Pull ups Strict

Run 400M

Comment of the night from Patrick about the double unders:

“It actually works!”

Referring to hollow skill transfer. Glad to be of service.


Floor warm up for shoulders, followed by hollows.

15 mins to establish 1rm Snatch

Front Squats

1×5 @ 75%

2×3 @ 80%

2×3 @ 85%

2×3 @ 90%

Yay for Fractionals at Gale Gardens!


Partner WOD

3 Rounds

40 Handstand Push ups

30 Partner Burpees. (Jump over partner 2 reps at a time)

200m Buddy Carry Walk

It was me and Adrienne, Ben and Jim.

Adrienne and I finished 2 rounds while the lads chipped into the final round before the time ran out.

Tougher then it sounds!

Nice one peeps, see you next week.


20 minute cap

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