WOD Saturday 19th Jan: Level 2 and 3

19 Jan

Level 2

Warm-up related shenanigans

Deadlift 3 sets of 5

Hollow body position drills for push-ups and ring dips


AMRAP 12mins

3 Wall climbs (or push-ups)
6 Jumping lunges with kettlebell (16kg/12kg)
12 Box step-ups with kettlebell (16kg/12kg)

Level 3

Warm-up related shenanigans

Work up to 1 RM clean & two jerks

1 set max deadlifts at 90% of 1RM


4 Wall climbs
6 Jumping lunges with kettlebells (2x16kg/2x12kg)
10 Box step-ups with kettlebells (2x16kg/2x12kg)

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