WOD Tuesday 8/1/13 (pm)

08 Jan

Classic WOD tonight!

21,15,9 reps for time:
Sumo deadlift High Pull (42/30kg)
Overhead squats (42/30kg)

Scores on the doors:


However before that we did a couple of bits ‘n’ bobs!
Firstly we got stuck into some dynamic effort Power Cleans:

3 PC @ 70% EMOM for 6 mins

It was nice having the luxury of giving one cue point between each set of lifts and watch the lifts get better and better!

Then we took time to go over the basic lever technique that we can use during movements like Toes 2 Bar or K2E OR more recently the Bar Muscle Up! This lever technique also played a part in our “midline” exercise at the end, wouldn’t you say gang!?

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